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The circus seen this morning (8) in Rio during the arrest of city councilman Dr. Jairinho and his girlfriend Monique Medeiros, suspected of participating in the death of Henry, 4, recalled the worst moments of the investigation of the Nardoni case, which started in March 2008.

The door to the suspects’ home in Rio was filled with journalists, videographers and photographers indicating that the arrest warrant was shared by police officers to friends, who also forward the address from where the operation would take place.

This address, of an aunt of the couple, had not been informed by the suspects in the investigation and was only obtained thanks to the investigation, as the police themselves informed at the press conference. Thus, it is impossible to access it without help.

At the door of the police district, where the couple was taken, there was also a crowd of onlookers who began to curse the suspects. One of them tried to attack Jairinho when he was taken to the vehicle.

The group of onlookers was also joined by policemen making lives on social networks.

Attempts to attack by popular people also occurred in the case of the death of the girl Isabella Nardoni. Even lawyers were beaten during the trial in 2010.

One of the most striking moments of the circus set up in the investigations of Isabella’s death occurred during the execution of the preventive prison, when Alexandre Nardoni and Anna Carolina Jatobá were placed in the “pigpen” of the vehicle and delivered to journalists to be filmed and photographed.

The comparisons of the Nardoni and Henry case are due to coincidences as they both involve beautiful children, upper middle class, killed inside the family apartment, without witnesses and allegedly victims of homicides committed by parents and partners, “stepfather” and “stepmother”.

In addition to the high interest of the press, even by the refusal of the suspects.

But in addition to that and the whole circus of the prisons, the differences between the stories are enormous, especially when comparing the first thirty days of investigation of the two cases and everything you know about the Rio investigation.

One of the first discrepancies is precisely in the discretion of the civil police and prosecutors in Rio de Janeiro in conducting the work during this period, something that was lacking in the Nardoni case and ended up harming the final quality of the evidence.

Alexandre and Anna Carolina were temporarily arrested on the third day of police work, when he did not even know the cause of Isabella’s death, and in the midst of a war of egos between police officers behind the scenes in São Paulo.

“In temporary prison, I was not very sure. I confess. But I was starting to get suspicious of them, ”said Chief Constable Calixto Calil Filho, head of the district responsible for investigating the Nardoni case, later on.

Premature imprisonment buried the possibility of other lines of investigation, as efforts began to be concentrated on proving the thesis that both were guilty. It was no longer the investigation of a crime, but of people.

Rio police arrested the couple on Thursday (8) and, despite the fact that the investigation has not been concluded, the speech given by the police and prosecutor responsible for the work is absolutely certain of a willful murder.

Until then, no public demonstrations had been made by the investigators against the couple and the police resisted external pressure for the arrest to be anticipated to the maximum.

In addition to the official speech, the conviction of the Rio de Janeiro police is based on evidence obtained that leaves little doubt that Henry was violently assaulted inside the couple’s apartment and died because of it.

Professor of legal medicine Nelson Massini, for example, is one of those who sees the clarity of this report. “There was a severe beat to the point of rupture of the liver, kidney, complication in the lung, hemorrhage in the lung, hemorrhage in the head. That would never happen by falling out of bed, ”he said.

In addition to the report, the evidence brought up to date indicates a violent profile of councilor Jairinho and a possible history of domestic violence against Henry, something obtained by breaking the confidential telephone numbers and witnesses. Police literature points out that the murder of children usually occurs after an escalation of violence, and not as a result of an isolated situation.

This was unproven in the Nardoni case, although in the collective imagination this may have become clear. The evidence brought to the process does not succeed in supporting this official version, one of the problems of the spectacularization of the investigations.

The suspects are convicted in the popular jury, not least because jurors do not need to vote according to evidence, but according to their conscience.


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