Ciro attacks Lula and Dilma again in video and says PT is ‘leadership desert’ – 10/14/2021 – Mônica Bergamo

One day after a tussle on social media between the presidential candidate Ciro Gomes (PDT-CE) and the former president Dilma Rousseff (PT), the PDT released a video, on Thursday (14), stating that the PT “is now a desert leadership” and that “political egocentrism has always been and continues to be the most striking feature” of former president Lula (PT).

In the almost six-minute video, the pedetista reaffirms his position that “Lula was one of the main responsible for the fall of Dilma”. “I repeat, Lula, yes, he was the biggest destabilizing factor in Dilma’s mandate. He did it in a way that was sometimes conscious and sometimes unconscious,” says Ciro in a post. See the video below:

“They only reacted violently against me because I put my finger on two wounds, two shames they try to hide: the corruption of the Lula government and the incompetence of the Dilma government,” continued Ciro.

“In fact, political egocentrism has always been and continues to be Lula’s most striking feature. It is no coincidence that the PT is today this desert of leaders. He knows I can say this because few know him as well as I do. And of those who know him well, none has the courage and independence to say what he knows what he thinks”, continued the Pedestrian.

“Dilma, who attacked me harshly yesterday and received change, also knows that few know the backstage of her impeachment as I do. And few fought as much and disinterestedly at her side as I did in her final moments,” he said.

Still in the video, the pedetista went back after a comment he had made on social networks the day before. On Wednesday (13), he said that he was wrong when he fought against “the impeachment of one of the most incompetent, unappetizing and presumptuous people who have ever been in the presidency”, citing the PT’s name.

“On this, by the way, I want to correct something I said yesterday, in the heat of the discussion: honestly, I do not properly regret having fought the coup that brought it down, because I will never regret defending democracy,” Ciro recanted.

Earlier this Thursday morning (14), Lula responded to Ciro’s statement that he would have conspired for Dilma’s impeachment.​

“I’m not going to talk about Cyrus. What he did yesterday was so banal, it was so rude, that I sometimes think, as Jesus Christ on the cross said, ‘Father forgive the ignorant, they don’t know what they’re doing'” , Lula told Grande FM radio station in Dourados (MS).

“I sometimes think, I don’t know if Ciro had Covid or not, but I was told that those who have Covid have problems with sequelae, some have problems with the brain, with forgetfulness, I don’t know. But it’s not possible for a man who he pleads for the Presidency of the Republic to be able to speak the lows he spoke yesterday,” continued the former president.

“I’m just deeply sorry that it’s like that. I just don’t know what he’s up to, but whoever plants the wind reaps the storm,” he added.

The bickering comes after Ciro’s proposal for “a Christmas truce”. After being booed and the target of sticks in the demonstration for impeachment on the 2nd, the pedetista told the press that it was necessary to calm the spirits of the militancy and promote understanding around the impeachment of Bolsonaro.

Like sheet As it turned out, members of the PT and PDT minimized the effect of the new fight on the formation of a broad front, but the episode pushed the left wings even further apart.

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