Ciro digs his own end – 09/22/2022 – Mariliz Pereira Jorge

“The PT, if you let it, pick your wallet…”. It is a typical line from Jair Bolsonaro, but it was said by Ciro Gomes in an interview with presenter Ratinho. On the same occasion, the PDT candidate blamed part of the problem of violence and drug trafficking in the country on the “caviar left”: “the bourgeois from the south of Rio, talking about fighting fascism, is snorting cocaine.”

The Bolsonarist tone adopted by Ciro has worked as well as drying ice. The more he beats PT and Lula, the more he melts. The expected turnaround never came. The election is approaching and who is approaching Ciro is Simone Tebet. The only thing that grows in Ciro’s campaign is rejection and dislike of him. What he does? He says that former supporters, such as Caetano and Tico Santa Cruz, go to Lula because they have earned their living.

Either Ciro doesn’t understand anything or he’s acting crazy. No strategy worked. The anti-PT discourse is shabby rhetoric and, even starting from Bolsonaro, it shows that the reach has waned. With Ciro it translates into resentment, heartache and emotional imbalance as Lula consolidates his position as the favorite.

The “Cirão da pasta” of 2018 arrived breathlessly in 2022 and the command of his campaign seems lost, with dated and disconnected actions, leaving the candidate to become a laughing stock. He, in turn, is unable to recognize that he is not an option at the moment and appears to be on a crusade to bury his political future.

Sometimes what a person needs is a friend to tell the truth — “look, you’re crazy”–, not a marketer. It remains to be seen whether Ciro Gomes can control his indomitable temper and understand that it is past time to retire. Otherwise, you run the risk of ending this election smaller than an Aetius. Remember Aetius? He was almost elected president and now, at best, he will live as a party chief.
Cyrus has become so radioactive that maybe not even that.

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