Ciro wants to remove military personnel from Bolsonaro by pasting him the image of a traitor to the Armed Forces – 06/07/2021 – Panel

In a new step in his presidential project, Ciro Gomes (PDT-CE) will seek to distance the military from Jair Bolsonaro by trying to stamp him as a traitor to the Armed Forces. He published a video on the subject this Monday (7).

The presidential candidate says Bolsonaro has a history of betraying the category and compromising the troop’s image.

“He betrayed the Armed Forces from the beginning of his unsuccessful military career, with attempts at rebellion and even the threat of terrorist acts. And he reached his peak, now, when he became president,” says Ciro to the Panel.

“In office, he militarized the government in a farcical way, taking thousands of active officers into the civil bureaucracy, compromising the troop’s image with unreasonable government actions. The greatest symbol of this is [o general da ativa e ex-ministro da Saúde Eduardo] Pazuello, but thousands of others are hiding in the bureaucracy’s bins,” he adds.

The PDT remembers the crisis of the change of command in the Forces and the pressure on the Army so that Pazuello would not be punished after having participated in a political act by the president.

“Perhaps there is not, in the entire recent history of the Republic, a president who has so fiercely betrayed the military values. And the worst thing: he tries to co-opt the troops through salaries and does not invest in the vital renovation of equipment”, he says.

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