Cities of Amapá have a new blackout – 4/8/2021 – Market

CEA (Companhia de Eletricidade do Amapá) reported on Thursday night (8) the power supply was interrupted at around 6:30 pm in 15 of the 16 cities in the state. The problem would have been caused by a failure in the transmission system that connects Macapá to the rest of the country.

They are the same cities affected by the November 2020 blackout after an explosion in a substation in the capital. The transmission system, which includes substations and lines, is operated by LMTE (Macapá Power Transmission Lines).

ONS (National Electric System Operator) says that the interruption occurred at 6:34 pm, dropping a load of 200 MW (megawatts). The recomposition process, according to the operator, started at 19h02. In 2020, the affected cities lived with supply problems for 21 days.

ONS says that it will evaluate the causes of the occurrence with the agents involved.

In February, Aneel applied a fine of R $ 3.6 million to LMTE, claiming that the blackout was caused by maintenance failures at its facilities. It was the biggest fine in the agency’s history, in terms of the percentage of the revenue of an agent in the sector.

Aneel’s inspection says it found 21 non-conformities in the installation, including the unavailability of one of the three transformers of the substation, which had been stopped since December 2019, and could have been used after the explosion, which damaged the other two equipment.

On appeal, the company claims that Aneel’s conclusions on maintenance failures were taken before the end of the expert’s report and that the responsibilities of other agents in the electricity sector responsible for planning Amapá’s energy security were not investigated.


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