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What was the reason why Guardiola chose Fernandinho instead of Rodri, who has been playing well for a long time? It would be because it was Fernandinho’s birthday or it would be for some tactical or technical reason, which I do not know. Sometimes you can’t keep up with Guardiola’s efficient inventiveness. Fernandinho had a good performance in the 2-0 victory over PSG, in the Champions League.

Neymar made some beautiful moves, but it was neither sufficient nor decisive. Elimination does nothing to diminish his masterful talent.

City’s first goal came from a long, precise, calculated and trained pass by goalkeeper Ederson, which is not uncommon.

The English team showed, once again, their main tactical evolution, that of attacking and defending very well.

Before, the team advanced and left many spaces in defense. Today, he suffers very few goals. It is a team of attack and counterattack, as in the second goal, also by Riyad Mahrez. It is a team from the past, the present and the future.

This Wednesday (5), Chelsea and Real Madrid, in London, decide the second spot in the final. The English team trusts in the best set and in the lightness, youth and speed of the team. Real is betting on the winning tradition, talent and experience of several players, such as Courtois, Kroos, Modric, Benzema and Casemiro. Vinícius Júnior is a hope, but depends on the great spaces to run and dribble.


In América’s victory over Cruzeiro, 2-1, in the Minas Gerais Championship semifinal, there was, as expected, collective and individual balance. This is exciting for Cruzeiro, who will play in the Brazilian B Series. América is Serie A and has had a team formed for a long time.

The limits of things

Manchester United fans, spurred on by the success of the protests against the attempt to create a European Super League, invaded the stadium’s lawn before the match against Liverpool, which had to be postponed. The revolt was against the greed and authoritarian administration of the owners, who have run the club since 2005, and the lack of respect for local values ​​and the club’s history.

Animosity had been around for a long time, but it was dormant with titles and signings. The attempt to create the Super League, with the support of the owners of the club, was the last straw. The protests are expected to expand to other clubs in England and across Europe.

A large number of people around the world have not yet realized that the disaffected have increased, that they no longer support abusive commercialism or corruption, although in Brazil, the smart guys have been protected by the destruction of the fight against corruption.

Just as there is not an ideal tactical structure of play for all teams, there is no management model that is the best. One solution, used by the Germans, especially by Bayern, is to sell less than 50% of the shares to large companies.

Most actions and management continue with the club.

The solution is not at the extremes. It is necessary to impose limits on investors’ greed and to fight political and economic dictatorships.

Soon after the Russian Revolution, the idea spread that the economic and social solution was in communism, in the equality of all. At the time, psychoanalysis already had great prestige.

Freud was asked what he thought of the new world, and he said he had no future, as it contradicted narcissism, ambiguity, ambitions and human desires to evolve, to stand out and to be different.

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