“Civil servants, a very French subject”

CHRONICLE – A book traces the genealogy of critical speeches towards the public service. The bias does not always convince, but the author has the merit of asking the question of the philosophy of the State.

“There are too many officials!” It could be one of the entries in a contemporary dictionary of received ideas. However, things seem to have evolved since the Covid. While in 2017, the favorite candidate of the right was distinguished by the proposal to remove 500,000 civil servants, the question seems less clear-cut for 2022. If the left continues to believe that a good public service is the one who hires all the time without worrying too much about the cost, the right, not to mention the RN, is no longer so unanimous in the need for clear cuts. Some are even starting to question the relevance of a simply managerial vision of the State. For Philippe Juvin, candidate for the LR primary and professor of medicine, on the front lines of the health crisis, “A modern right must defend public services. Not out of ideology or demagoguery. But both because their pauperization worsens the feeling of abandonment of the population, and because education, care,

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