Civil society organizations unite in manifesto in defense of democracy – 15/09/2021 – Power

A group of 29 civil society entities got together to promote a campaign for Brazilian democracy.

The initiative, launched on Wednesday (15), includes an agenda with proposals that can be used by institutions, civil society leaders, the media and citizens in defense of democracy, according to a statement from the organizations.

Also part of the action is the release of a video in which personalities talk about attacks they suffered because of their professional performance and political positions.

Among the entities participating in the movement are the Igarapé Institute, Alana Institute, National LGBTI+ Alliance, Abraji (Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism), National Youth Council, Brazilian Public Security Forum, Sou da Paz Institute and Tide Setubal Foundation.

“The defense of democracy is a daily and routine exercise, especially in countries like Brazil, where democracy is young and far from being consolidated. The closing of the civic space represents a direct attack on democracy, since it is the public sphere where citizens organize, debate and act to influence public policies and the direction of our country”, says Ilona Szabó, president of the Igarapé Institute and columnist of sheet.

According to her, we live in a dramatic situation of restriction of the freedom of expression, participation, association, the exercise of press freedom, assembly and academic activities.

The agenda and the video are part of the Espaço Cívico Program, which includes research and analysis on the topic, a series of podcasts, a book and an article.

The video features testimonials from personalities such as Carolina Solberg, Debora Diniz, Felipe Neto, Ricardo Galvão, Zezé Motta and Pedro Hallal, also a columnist for the sheet.


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