CNN issues footage of Ukrainian tanks as evidence of Russia’s preparation for war

Official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova accused CNN of spreading misinformation about the alleged preparation of the country for a war with Ukraine, pointing to the footage with Ukrainian tanks in the channel’s video.

“Dear CNN TV channel and its friendly staff. We understand that you have no time to engage in fact-checking, you have gone so deeply into the ideological struggle in the name of the triumph of liberalism. But not to the same extent that you manage to pass off Ukrainian tanks at the Ukrainian train station against the background of Ukrainian cars for preparing Russia for war, “she wrote on her Facebook page.

The diplomat attached to the post a snippet of CNN video footage of allegedly Russian armored vehicles pulling up to the Ukrainian border.

In this regard, Zakharova advised CNN correspondents in Moscow to “take their minds off their participation in Russian public life and devote a little more time to their profession.” “Because it’s just indecent,” she said.


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