Colonel Goïta ensures that Mali will “honor all of its commitments”

Colonel Assimi Goïta, invested transitional president in Mali, assured Monday, June 7 that his country would respect all its commitments to the international community, at a time when the main foreign partners demand from the military guarantees that they will return power to civilians elected in early 2022.

Colonel Goïta said his desire to organize “credible, fair, transparent elections on schedule“, That is to say February 2022.”I would like to reassure the sub-regional and regional organizations and the international community in general that Mali will honor all of its commitments for and in the best interests of the nation.», He said after his inauguration as interim president.

«I swear before God and the Malian people to faithfully preserve the republican regime (…) to preserve democratic gains, to guarantee national unity, the independence of the motherland and the integrity of the national territory», Declared Colonel Goïta, in ceremonial uniform.


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