Colonel Nunes dismisses Walter Feldman from CBF – 06/17/2021 – Sports

Walter Feldman is no longer general secretary of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).

Feldman was fired by the current acting president of the confederation, Colonel Nunes, this Thursday (17th). He was considered an ally of Rogério Caboclo until shortly before the complaint of sexual harassment that initially removed the president from the confederation for 30 days.

The former secretary was even fired by Caboclo on the last day of his term, when Feldman was trying to convince him to take a leave of absence from the presidency of the organization to defend himself against the accusations. However, he was reinstated by Nunes three days later.

Feldman had been in office since 2015, when he was called by Marco Polo del Nero (former president banned for corruption) to work in the confederation.


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