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Social network users condemned the interview of stand-up comedian Ivan Abramov on the Macarena YouTube channel, in which he negatively assessed the prospect in which his wife would gain weight.

“I immediately told her: I will 100% change my attitude towards you if you get better. I may not be cheating on you, but, of course, I will treat you worse. This is normal – men are so created. Yes, people are so created – you like the picture. It is clear that you are a good conversationalist, you bore me two children, but in the world, just think how beautiful they are still walking around, ”said the humorist.

The stand-up also listed the criteria for a spouse that she must comply with so that the matter does not come to a divorce. In addition to the inadmissibility of excess weight, it includes the prohibition of “being a bitch”, as well as the requirement to remain meek, beautiful and smart.

“I also don’t want to recognize a new person every time, I’m used to her,” Abramov said.

The comedian’s remarks sparked outrage among social media users. Especially often women showed their indignation, famous bloggers and TV presenters who accused Abramov were accused of abusing and insulting women.

“I wonder if he has the same attitude to children? The child became covered with teenage acne – we are evicting him from the hut, we will make a new one – perfect, ”blogger Natalya Krasnova wrote on Instagram.

At the same time, psychiatrist Aleksey Kazantsev, in an interview with the REN TV channel, pointed out that stand-up comedians regularly cover in their speeches such moments of their lives that ordinary people would not dare to talk about.

“Stand-up is a trend where they try to turn their lives inside out and all their nuances. About prostatitis, about male failure in the same Orlov, about testosterone treatment, which an ordinary man will not tell anyone about, ”the expert said.

He also recalled that in Russia there are many celebrities who openly declared their dislike for overweight people :. TV presenters Alena Vodonaeva and Ksenia Sobchak, restaurateur Alexander Orlov.

Kazantsev sees a way to combat this trend in changing public opinion. … As an example, he cited the body positive movement, which is gaining popularity in Russia.

“Remember, there was a story with domestic violence, when Regina Todorenko took the side that“ women themselves are to blame, not men ”. And what a wave it was, how it was deprived of participation in many programs. After that, she transferred the money to a fund for victims of abuser, and for another year she made excuses. So, if public opinion is directed at Abramov, he still depends on the audience, then perhaps he will apologize. Or make a stand-up, where he apologizes somehow indirectly, ”added the psychiatrist.

In April 2020, TV presenter Regina Todorenko found herself at the center of a scandal after justifying domestic violence. Internet users persecuted the TV presenter for saying in an interview with Peopletalk: women themselves are to blame for becoming victims of domestic violence. After such statements, a lot of comments from people who disagree with her position appeared on her Instagram page.

In turn, Todorenko tried to explain herself and recorded a video. She apologized for her wording and admitted that she had conveyed them incorrectly to the audience.

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