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The head coach of the Russian national football team Valery Karpin has decided on the expanded composition of the national team for the matches of the qualifying tournament of the 2022 World Cup, which will be held in October… Returned to the national team midfielder Denis Glushakov and forward Artem Dzyuba… The 34-year-old midfielder of Khimki has not been called up to the national team since 2018, the Zenit forward missed the first training camp of the new coach. Also can make his debut in the main team 21-year-old Ufa forward Hamid Agalarov… He is the RPL’s top scorer this season, having scored 8 goals in 8 league games. In October, the Russian national team will play two matches – against Slovakia (October 8, 21:45 Moscow time, Kazan) and against Slovenia (October 11, 21:45 Moscow time, Maribor).

Dzyuba and Glushakov are in the national team again

On September 20, the RFU presented the composition of the Russian national team for the October matches of the team in qualifying for the 2022 World Cup. The main surprises from the list are the return to the national team of Artyom Dzyuba and Denis Glushakov… Valery Karpin told why he did not call the Zenit forward to the first training camp: he was not in the best physical condition. Apparently, after three weeks, the coach evaluates Dziuba differently.

Glushakov kicked off the season with a shock at Khimki – 6 goals in 8 league games. Denis became the leader of the team and makes the result there… The 34-year-old midfielder has said many times that he does not give up and wants to return to the team. Karpin gave him the chance that Denis deserved. Few midfielders have played so well this season.

Dzyuba has not yet publicly responded to the challenge, but Glushakov very happily spoke on his Instagram account: “I am incredibly happy to receive a call to the national team again, I thank Valery Karpin and the coaching staff for being included in the extended list. Getting into the national team has always been one of my main goals, it motivated, and now there is even more motivation and responsibility, ”the midfielder wrote.

Recall that Glushakov has not played in the national team since 2018. Perhaps he will come out again in the form of a Russian team in October.

I don’t know how much [велика] there was a need to call Dziuba and Glushakov, except that getting into the extended list adds motivation to the players, – said in an interview with Izvestia the ex-coach of the Russian national team, Olympic champion Anatoly Byshovets. – Plus, this is due to a busy calendar: Champions League, Europa League, domestic championships. The risk of injury is very high. For this, there is an extended list to have a plan “B” in an emergency. And by and large, neither Dziuba nor Glushakov are needed by the team now.

Another former coach of the Russian national team and “Torpedo” Boris Ignatiev has a different opinion.

“At the beginning of the season, Dziuba lost his condition, and most importantly, his mobility, so the quality of his play faded a little,” he explained to Izvestia. – He ceased to be included in the main composition of Zenit. But having gained physical shape, he again became a prominent figure in Semak’s team. Therefore, I am not surprised to call him. Glushakov repeatedly expressed thoughts about returning to the national team and they materialized. He is the top scorer and player, the whole game is built around him.… Plus their experience can be very helpful in stressful situations. So I think both are capable of strengthening the national team’s performance. Most likely, after leaving for a replacement.


Karpin is consistent: even after the appointment, he said that he would only call those who at the moment looks better than competitors.… Therefore, I invited Hamid Agalarov, the top scorer of the Russian championship this season. The Ufa forward scored 8 goals in 8 RPL matches. At the same time, we will make a reservation that Agalarov and the same Konstantin Tyukavin were included in the expanded list. Karpin notes that they may not be on the final list if they play worse in the remaining matches before the training camp.

«He scores a lot. Here is my characteristic. He and Tyukavin were not called up to the national team, this is just an extended list. They can be called on September 27th. Agalarov was noticed, so he was included in the list… He may score 5 goals now and remain on the list. Or maybe like Tyukavin, who did not make it to the team yesterday, will not make it to the national team, ”the specialist commented on his choice.

For the first time, Anton Zinkovsky was included in the national team: the Krylyev Sovetov midfielder did not score goals this season, but made three assists and became the leader of the Samara team. Its inclusion on the extended list is also not surprising.

The challenge of Agalarov and Zinkovsky is, of course, associated with the search for reinforcement for certain positions., – continued Anatoly Byshovets. – The coach wants to get to know them better, after all, this is the closest reserve. The team needs to be rejuvenated and the last two matches, given the number of injured, allowed Karpin to test a lot of newcomers in business. It is a pity that Makarov did not play. The guy has great potential and he already needs to be pulled to the base.

I agree with my colleague and Boris Ignatiev.

– All personnel decisions of Karpin suggested themselves, – the expert believes. – Even two young men, Agalarov and Zinkovsky, deserve to be included in this list and get a new impetus for further movement forward.… Hamid, in my opinion, is the best young scorer, indefatigable, a lot of energy, moves a lot. Anton is a creative player with good speed dribbling. In the future, both can move to clubs from the top championships.

Terekhov’s second attempt

Sergei Terekhov was already included in the extended application of the national team in September, but then due to injury he could not come to the training camp… Now the wing-back is likely to be ready to arrive at the national team’s location. The 31-year-old player has never been to training in the national team and this will also be his debut camp for him.

Terekhov himself is very calm: “What a team, there was already the first attempt! The leg is gone, maybe something else will hurt. Two more weeks. But this is just an extended list, there’s nothing to be happy about, ”he said after publishing the list of the national team.

Note that the coach of the team for work with goalkeepers Vitaly Kafanov decided to try Stanislav Kritsyuk at the training camp, who switched to Zenit in the summer and has already played two games for St. Petersburg: with Akhmat in the RPL and with Chelsea in the Champions League. Also in the application Matvey Safonov, but Anton Shunin Kafanov did not include in the list.

– Regarding the situation with the goalkeepers, we do not see Maksimenko in the list, but Safonov appeared, – Anatoly Byshovets concluded. – This may indicate a rotation in connection with the performance of goalkeepers in recent matches.

As for the rest, the extended list was collected from those who were either already in the final application, or were included in the preliminary list of candidates.

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