Continuation of the scandal with “surrogate” babies for the Chinese: the investigation is interested in the egg

Presnensky District Court of Moscow, on Monday, June 28, will consider the arrest of Chinese citizen Liu Jun, suspected of human trafficking. He was going to take his child home, which was discovered a year ago by an employee of a children’s clinic among five “surrogate” babies in an apartment on Argunovskaya Street. The man was taken to the Investigative Committee directly from the Hanoi Hotel, where he was with his little son. Why did the IC staff now decide to detain a foreigner who seemed to be just a client of unscrupulous organizers of the “baby business”? About this in the material “MK”.

Recall that a year ago, the TFR opened a criminal case on human trafficking after the discovery on Argunovskaya Street of “ownerless” babies born to surrogate mothers for Chinese citizens. The employees of the clinic were arrested – doctors and lawyers.

Liu Jun is the father of one of five babies removed from an apartment on Argunovskaya Street. The baby was born from a surrogate mother – civilly Kazakhstan – June 17, 2020. The baby was discharged from the hospital five days later. But due to the pandemic, Liu Jun and his wife Chen Jingping were unable to come to Moscow to pick up the child.

Recently, Liu Jun returned to Moscow and filed a lawsuit with the Babushkinsky court demanding that his son be returned to him. It is noteworthy that in the decision of the Babushkinsky court, which was at the disposal of our editorial office, it is said: both spouses are the biological parents of the baby. As it became known to “MK”, ​​the claim filed in the Babaushkinsky court was satisfied on June 7, 2021. Based on this decision, the orphanage in which the infant was kept returned the child to a Chinese citizen.

After that, the foreigner settled with his son at the “Hanoi” hotel in Moscow in order to return to the PRC at the first opportunity. But he did not have time to do this. On the night of June 25, officers of the UK and police arrived at the hotel room. The man was informed that by 10.00 he should arrive at the Investigative Committee. The Chinese citizen ignored the demand, and then law enforcement officers came for him.

The man was interrogated for over 15 hours. All this time his child was with him. According to the lawyer, the man was forced to sign a statement on the transfer of the baby to the supervision of the state for the period of the criminal investigation. After lengthy meetings, it was decided to transfer the Chinese citizen from the status of a witness to the status of a suspect and detain him. At night, the child was taken to the hospital. After quarantine, the baby will be sent to the Center for Assistance to Family Education “Central”

The detainee was supposed to be arrested on Saturday, June 26th. However, the court extended the suspect’s detention by 72 hours to provide additional evidence.

As it became known to “MK”, ​​Liu Jun is the only detained parent of the babies found on Argunovskaya Street. About a month ago, two fathers from China, having received permission from the investigating authorities, together with their children returned home safely. So why did the law enforcement agencies have questions to Liu Jun?

The fact is that it is easier for a married couple to use a surrogacy program, and not for a single man. Some clinics refuse such clients, referring to the order of the Ministry of Health No. 107. Others honestly put a dash in the column “mother” and after the birth of a child, they legalize it through the courts. Still others enter the data of the surrogate mother. But there are also unscrupulous employees who enter the name and surname of an outside woman.

Apparently, law enforcement officers became interested in the wife of the Chinese for this very reason. Perhaps his partnership is fiction.

– As a rule, clients from China are recommended a program that guarantees 98 percent of success: an egg donor, a surrogate mother and a PGD test (preimplantation genetic diagnosis – ed.), – explained the source of MK, familiar with the situation. – Usually, the Chinese, who value all kinds of guarantees, go exactly according to this program. But the decision of the Babushkinsky court says that Liu Jun and his wife are the biological parents of the child. But if there is data on the relationship of a Chinese citizen with a child (according to the results of a molecular genetic forensic examination of October 15, 2020, Jun is the father of the child with a probability of 99.9992 percent), then there seems to be no similar data on his wife. It is possible that she is not the biological mother of the child, as previously stated. Therefore, the investigation will now, perhaps, find out who nevertheless became the donor of oocytes (oocytes).

If this is an absolutely legal participant in the donor program, then there are no problems. But if it is not possible to establish the “mistress” of the eggs, then the question will arise – where did the material come from? The woman could be used as a donor in the dark. And this is a completely criminal story.

At the same time, according to the lawyer Olga Zinovieva, the surrogacy program that the detainee in Russia underwent is absolutely legal.

“There are a huge number of couples to the surrogacy program, which provides for the genetic relationship of the unborn child with one of the spouses,” says Zinovieva. – But full donation (someone else’s egg and sperm) within the framework of the surrogacy program is excluded. It really looks like human trafficking: you cannot come to the clinic, buy someone else’s donor embryo, which is carried by a surrogate mother, and become the parent of this child. However, the program that the detained Chinese citizen went through is and was legal in Russia. A donor egg was taken, which after fertilization was planted in a surrogate mother. We are now looking forward with great impatience to the end of the criminal case, so that everyone understands the legal qualifications.

According to the lawyer, there is one “but” – possible additional facts, still hidden from the public, but known to the investigation.

The only thing, we do not know exactly what happened in this episode. For example, there could be a dummy woman – this also happens. When single men resort to the surrogate program, the surrogate agencies, together with the man, come up with a scheme, they say, come on, you will have a dummy woman who will have nothing to do with you, but will go through documents as a spouse. Or the surrogate mother has registered for herself this child – this can also be, – the expert suggested.

There was a video from an apartment with five “ownerless” babies

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Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28567 dated June 28, 2021

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Chinese got caught by the egg?


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