Cop26 latest: UK pledges £290m as focus shifts to climate finance

Activists from London climate protest start march to Trafalgar Square

As the Cop26 summit resumes in Glasgow after a day off on Sunday, the issue of loss and damage will take centre stage at the meetings today.

Flooding, drought and heatwaves claimed hundreds of lives in 2021 and the countries hardest hit by the climate crisis are often the poorest and have contributed the least to climate change.

Who should be funding climate adaption? This is the question the summit will try to find a consensus on this week.

Governments including Bangladesh, the Maldives and the Netherlands — which are expected to be among those most severely impacted by climate change as sea levels rise — are expected to attend the meeting, among several others.

Meanwhile, over the weekend, tens of thousands of climate protesters took to the streets in Glasgow, London and around the world in a demand for swifter action to combat the global heating crisis. In Glasgow, up to 50,000 people joined a march from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green, as the first week of Cop26 ended.


Boris Johnson urges nations to make ‘bold compromises and ambitious commitments’ in final summit week

Boris Johnson has urged world leaders to make “bold compromises and ambitious commitments” as the Cop26 climate crisis summit enters its final week, Jon Stone reports.

In an intervention marking the half-way point of the meeting, the prime minister warned yesterday that his colleagues have “one week left to deliver for the world”.

Andy Gregory8 November 2021 07:22


Counter summit in Glasgow against Cop26 inaction

A counter climate summit has kicked off in Glasgow ahead of the final week of Cop26, with activists criticising “false promises” and inaction from world leaders at the UN-led conference.

The People’s Summit for Climate Justice, which is running from Sunday to Wednesday, will host around 200 sessions in-person and online.

Organisers said it will “centre the voices of the most marginalised, those who are being hit hardest by climate change right now, and the people resisting and organising for change”.

Jana Ahlers, the counter summit’s programme coordinator, said the counter-event will bring together “indigenous peoples, bus drivers, film-makers, refugees, pilots, farmers, feminists, forest dwellers, artists, doctors, anti-racists and climate justice activists”.

“To deliver justice you have to guarantee that all people are around the table,” she said.

Stuti Mishra8 November 2021 07:15


Ask your questions about the Cop26 climate summit

The first week of the Cop26 summit saw some monumental agreements including new net-zero targets and multi-country deals on deforestation, coal and methane.

As week two of the pivotal UN meeting in Glasgow begins on today, shadow business secretary Ed Miliband and climate correspondent Daisy Dunne will answer your questions at 4pm GMT.

Shadow business secretary and former Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has been in Glasgow this week following progress at the summit. In 2009, Mr Miliband was the UK’s climate minister at the Cop15 climate summit in Copenhagen.

Click here to find out how to submit your questions.

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UK pledges £290m to help poorer countries

The UK, which is hosting the crucial Cop26 talks, has announced £290m to help poorer countries deal with extreme weather and other climate calamities.

The majority of money from the UK will go to Asia Pacific nations to deal with the impact of global warming, the government said.

This comes ahead of Monday’s session at the summit focusing on “loss and damage” as diplomats and negotiators are hoping to raise further funding pledges from other countries to add to the billions already raised from states including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the US.

Anne-Marie Trevelyan, UK International champion on adaptation and resilience for the Cop26 presidency, said: “We must act now to stop climate change from pushing more people into poverty. We know that climate impacts disproportionately affect those already most vulnerable.

“We are aiming for significant change that will ultimately contribute to sustainable development and a climate-resilient future for all, with no one left behind.”

The Independent’s policy correspondent Jon Stone reports

Stuti Mishra8 November 2021 06:40


Push for climate finance to continue

At the Cop26 summit on Monday, the focus will shift to the matter of climate finance as countries try to reach a consensus on the critical issue.

Climate finance refers to the financial support developed countries are supposed to provide developing and under-developed countries in dealing with global warming and compensation for the damage that is already done to the environment by some rich nations.

The issue is a longstanding one in front of the UN climate summits held so far, however, the pledges made by the developed countries haven’t been honoured fully.

Ministers from various countries are to focus on the issue today with a dedicated “climate adaptation loss and damage day”.

Governments including Bangladesh, the Maldives and the Netherlands — which are expected to be among those most severely impacted by climate change as sea levels rise — are expected to attend the meeting.

Stuti Mishra8 November 2021 06:27


Good Morning

Follow the latest updates from the 26th climate summit in Glasgow as the second week of the negotiations begins.

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