Corinthians director reveals reduction in payroll and negotiations with auditing and compliance companies

The board of Corinthians continues to work to clear the debts of the club.

On Thursday night, Wesley Melo, Corinthian financial director, revealed that there are advanced negotiations with two more companies that should help the black-and-white management to equalize the accounts.

During a Live on the Gaviões da Fiel channel, Wesley explained that there is an agreement with KPMG, one of the four largest multinational companies in the sector of auditing, consulting and tax advice.

“It is coming for years to help with this debt of more than R $ 900 million, with this R $ 900 million cucumber. It will help us with projected cash, to separate which months have negative balance, positive balance. Of course we have that, but the KPMG is a company that is used to doing. It is not an audit, it is an inspection. We really need to reduce this debt, lengthen it, take a breather, and be honest with each of these creditors, explain what the situation is . We want to honor that “.

Wesley Melo also stated that Corinthians is very close to closing a partnership with a compliance, but chose not to reveal the name.

“He already has a defined company, he is well on his way, O Hero Vicente (legal director) and his staff made a selection, I really liked what I saw, Adriano (Duilio’s brother), who is the general secretary, also liked it very much. people are very excited “.

In March, Corinthians had already announced a one-year partnership with Falconi to have professional assistance in improving management.

The club’s great concern is with the debt of R $ 956.9 million, confirmed with the publication of the 2020 financial statement.

Payroll reduction
During a Live, Wesley Melo took the opportunity to explain that the payrolls are up to date and that the club, at this moment, owes athletes values ​​related to image rights and last year’s vacation.

The director also stated that there has already been a reduction in the payroll of the cast.

“The payroll was R $ 14 million and a little in December. Now, in February and March, it is already around R $ 13 million. Something around R $ 1.7 million / R $ 2 million has already been reduced. , but we expect a bigger reduction to give a balanced “.

Neo Chemistry Arena
Regarding the debt that refers to the stadium, Wesley Melo was much more optimistic and reiterated that it is a matter of time for the agreement with Caixa Econômica Federal to be made official.

“There is a renegotiation with Caixa that has already been done, it is in the formalization period. There is a lot of bureaucracy because of that, they are taking all the precautions, but the spirit of the negotiation has already been done. They want to receive and we want to pay. Now it is a point of the SPE (Special Purpose Society) audit period, something that Caixa asked for. We are waiting.

Corinthians should have the obligation to bear R $ 569 million, of which R $ 300 million will be deducted from the sale price of the naming rights.

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