Corinthians payroll should reduce around R$ 3 million in six months

Corinthians’ monthly expenditure on the squad and technical committee of men’s professional football until December 2020 was approximately R$14 million.

In the midst of planning to reduce costs and create favorable conditions for the club’s cash, the current Board of Directors must confirm a reduction of approximately R$ 3 million after six months of management.

As of July, the payroll of Corinthians’ main football team should be around R$ 11 million.

In March, the club had already managed to reduce the amount by approximately R$1.7 million with layoffs and athlete loans.

By the end of June, three more players must say goodbye: Jemerson, Otero and Ramiro.

Jemerson and Otero will not have their contracts renewed, while Ramiro is expected to be transferred to Al Wasl on loan. The Dubai team agreed to take on the midfielder’s full salary.

The renewal of Davó’s loan with Guarani was also conditioned to the transfer of the attacker’s total salary.

There was more reduction with the change of the technical committee. Sylvinho and Doriva cost less than the club invested in Vagner Mancini, Anderson Batatais and Cláudio Andrade.

Corinthians, therefore, should achieve, as of July, a wage savings very close to 20%, a goal that the current administration stipulated for all departments of the club.

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