Corinthians performs tactical training aimed at the match against Cuiabá

This Thursday, Corinthians continued its preparation for the match against Cuiabá, scheduled for next Monday, at Arena Pantanal, for the 13th round of the Brazilian Championship.

Athletes started the day with a power workout led by the fitness team. Then, they went to Field 2 of CT Dr. Joaquim Grava, where Sylvinho organized a tactical confrontation activity.

Giuliano midfielder continues to improve his physical condition under the supervision of trainer Fabrício Pimenta. It is noteworthy that the 31-year-old will only be able to debut with the alvinegra shirt from August, when he opens the transfer window in Europe.

Announced on Thursday, Renato Augusto has not yet worked at CT. This should only happen in the next few days. The midfielder has been without acting since December 2020.

Timão continues its preparation to challenge Cuiabá this Friday morning. The clash is scheduled for 8 pm (GMT) on Monday.

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