Corinthians remembers Garrincha’s 88th birthday

O Corinthians recalled Garrincha’s birthday, who would turn 88 on Thursday. The former player defended Timão for a season.

“Mané Garrincha, the Angel of Crooked Legs, would be 88 years old on this farm! The most famous right-winger, known for his disconcerting dribbles and crooked legs, donned our cloak in 1966 and won a Rio-São Paulo Tournament,” the club wrote in its profile for Twitter.

After making history in Botafogo and on Brazilian Team, for which he was two-time world champion in 1958 and 1962, Garrincha joined Corinthians in 1966. According to the website My Timon, Mané played 13 matches for the team alvinegra, scored two goals and won the Rio-São Paulo tournament.

After leaving Corinthians, Garrincha played for smaller teams and died in 1983, aged 49, as a result of alcoholism.

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