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Police in Malaysia use drones to detect high temperatures amid Covid surge

Police in Malaysia are using drones to detect people with high temperatures in public spaces as part of Covid prevention measures, according to local media.

The drones, which can detect people’s temperatures as high as 20m above ground, emit a red light to alert the authorities if someone has a high reading, Bernama, Malaysia’s state news agency, reported.

Malaysia entered a near total national lockdown last week in an attempt to halt rising daily infections, which had reached more than 9,000 by the end of May.

Though daily cases have since fallen, health director general, Noor Hisham Abdullah, has warned that the majority of new infections and deaths were from unknown contacts. “One of the reasons is the emergence of new variants in the community which have higher infectivity and mortality rates,” he said in a statement on Monday, urging people to stay home.

Malaysian police have previously warned they will use drones to enforce earlier travel restrictions, with officers in some areas also stating they would carry out surprise home visits to ensure people were following rules.

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