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A council for the Russian language and the improvement of domestic language policy will appear in Crimea. The corresponding decree was signed by the head of the republic Sergey Aksenov.

“In order to ensure the development, protection and support of the Russian language as the state language of the Russian Federation, as well as to improve the language policy in the Republic of Crimea, I decide to create a council on the use of the Russian language and the improvement of the internal language policy in the Republic of Crimea,” the document says.

The council will include ministers, deputies, representatives of the Public Chamber of Crimea, notes “Kryminform”.

Earlier in June, the speaker of the parliament of the Republic of Crimea, Vladimir Konstantinov, announced that they plan to ban signs in foreign languages ​​on the peninsula. According to him, a corresponding bill is currently being prepared in the State Council. “Now, if you walk down the street, you will see the names in a foreign language, without Russian counterparts,” said Konstantinov. He noted that the use of foreign languages ​​in this format has a detrimental effect on the attitude of the younger generation towards their native language.

Three languages ​​are recognized as state languages ​​in Crimea: Russian, Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar.

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