Covid Live: Fears Portugal could lose green list status amid Nepal variant concerns


here are fears that Portugal could lose green list status after concerns about the growth of the so-called ‘Nepal variant’.

Scientists have alerted ministers to the variant, which is said to have spread to Europe, according to the Daily Mail.

Meanwhile Boris Johnson is hosting a home nation Covid recovery briefing as campaigners call on G7 leaders to take action to close the coronavirus vaccine gap between their nations and poorer countries.

It come as the education recovery commissioner, Sir Kevan Collins, resigned in a row over the Government’s £1.4 billion catch-up fund on what school leaders deemed a “deeply disappointing” and “truly awful day”.

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Unnecessary antibiotic use worsens global resistance to Covid – report

Antibiotic use was “very high” among Covid-19 hospital patients in the UK during the first wave of the pandemic, even though confirmed bacterial infections were rare, scientists have found.

Antibiotics are medicines used to treat some types of bacterial infections and do not work on viral diseases, such as Covid-19.

New analysis, published in the journal The Lancet Microbe, shows that, between February 6 and June 8 2020, 85% of coronavirus patients received one or more antibiotics during their hospital stay, while 37% were prescribed the drugs prior to admission.

It suggests many ill Covid-19 patients who did not have a bacterial infection were being unnecessarily treated with medicines that kill bacteria.

The scientists say that giving antibiotics to Covid-19 patients who do not have a bacterial co-infection risks worsening global antimicrobial resistance – which occurs when bacteria no longer respond to the drugs made to kill them.


Minister defends funding after schools catch up tsar quits

Minister Victoria Atkins tells Sky News the Government are incredibly grateful to Sir Kevan Collins who resigned after four months after slamming the Government’s £1.4bn catch-up plan for schools “for not coming close”.

She says the £1.4bn is a “huge” amount of money focused on what they can deliver “quickly”. She says on wider work he recommended eg lengthening the school day: “We are working on this”.

Sir Kevan Collins said in his resignation letter: “After the hardest of years, a comprehensive recovery plan – adequately funded and sustained over multiple years – would rebuild a stronger and fairer system.

“A half-hearted approach risks failing hundreds of thousands of pupils. The support announced by government so far does not come close to meeting the scale of the challenge and is why I have no option but to resign from my post.”


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