Covid vaccine: Over-25s can book jab from tomorrow, Matt Hancock announces

People aged 25 and over in England will be invited to book Covid-19 vaccinations from Tuesday, the Health Secretary has announced.

Speaking in the Commons on Monday, Matt Hancock told MPs: “From tomorrow morning we will open up vaccination to people aged 25 to 29. Over the remainder of this week the NHS will send texts to people in these age groups and of course GPs will be inviting people in these age groups to come forward.”

Mr Hancock also confirmed that the UK’s medicines regulator has determined that the Pfizer vaccine is “safe and effective” for teenagers 12 years and older.

He added that he would ask the JCVI to come forward with clinical advice on a timetable for vaccinating this age group, which the minister said the government would listen to.

The secretary of state added that inoculating school-aged children was increasingly crucial as a large proportion of new cases were being detected in this age group.

He said that for now the government wanted schools to resume twice-a-week home testing of children to allow infected pupils to self-isolate with the minimum disruption to education.

And Mr Hancock added that the government was still on track to offer all adults a vaccine by the end of this July.

The dates apply to England, where the NHS is under control of the government in Westminster. Wales is ahead of schedule, and set to offer vaccines for all over 18 from next week.

The Health Secretary said: “Speaking to those directly in their late 20s who will be able to book a jab from tomorrow, and others who might feel that in their age group they are unlikely to die of Covid: the honest truth is the best way for us to get our freedoms back, get back to normal, is for everybody to come forward and get the jab. It really matters that we all come forward and do this because that is the safest way out.”

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