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The senators who are part of Covid’s CPI claim that the new complaints brought by Congressman Luís Miranda (DEM-DF) are serious and will be investigated, including a secret session to hear the congressman and his brother, the servant of the Ministry of Health Luís Ricardo Miranda.

However, the members of the commission also adopt a cautious tone, so as not to distort an investigation path — of irregularities in the purchase of the Indian vaccine Covaxin — which they consider to be well defined.

In an interview with leaf on Sunday, the parliamentarian said that the cases of corruption could be “much greater” than what has been disclosed so far, involving the purchase of the Indian vaccine Covaxin.

The existence of allegations of irregularities surrounding the purchase of the Indian vaccine Covaxin was revealed by leaf on the 18th, with the disclosure of the confidential testimony of Luis Ricardo to the Federal Public Ministry. Since then, the case has become a priority for the CPI in the Senate.

“If there is something really illegal, it’s not just this vaccine [Covaxin], it’s in the whole folder. The president [Jair] Bolsonaro clearly demonstrates that he has no control over this portfolio,” said the deputy on Sunday (27).

Miranda raised suspicions for the first time about the purchase of tests to detect Covid-19, indicating as a possible participant a nominee of the government’s leader in the Chamber, Deputy Ricardo Barros (PP-PR).

The complaining deputy also indicated that his brother can present new facts, as long as it is in a secret session of the CPI of Covid, to guarantee his safety.

This Monday (28), after the publication of the interview by Folha, senator Alessandro Vieira (Cidadania-SE) informed that he will submit a request for a secret session to hear the new complaints and gather the evidence that will eventually be presented , as indicated by deputy Luís Miranda.

“The CPI cannot ignore this type of information, but it must be careful not to fall into speculations without proof,” said the senator.

The new accusations will be one of the themes discussed at the weekly meeting of the majority group of the CPI, formed by independents and opposition members, this Monday night.

A senator at the top of the commission stated that the new facts are important and need to be investigated. However, the majority group will carefully consider how to proceed. There is fear that new complaints, involving the purchase of Covid tests and any that may arise, will detract from the focus of the Covaxin issue.

Humberto Costa (PT-PE) has a similar position. The senator considers the new accusations “serious” and asks that they be investigated, possibly in a secret session.

“If this really matches reality, these are serious facts that need to be investigated. We are going to talk at the CPI and we can address this issue as well. If, in fact, the deputy has things that are relevant, there is no difficulty in making a reserved session”, he said.

On the other hand, Costa also advocates caution in investigating these accusations, avoiding pre-trials, so that the commission does not lose its focus.

“We’re not going to ignore it, but we’re going to see how consistent it is, not to run the risk of getting lost along the way. We have a good path that was opened with the evidence involving Covaxin”, he added.

Also PT member Rogério Carvalho (PT-SE) believes that the CPI summit should soon meet with deputy Luís Miranda, to find out what information can be brought and then assess the possibility of a secret session.

“I think they should look for the president of the CPI [Omar Aziz]. the reporter [Renan Calheiros], and show what they can present. And then, for sure, the CPI will not stop listening to them if he has information to present”, he stated.

“It’s a path of no return. From the moment you bring a person from the government and file a complaint, it is necessary to go deeper, to investigate. But it has to be based on solid bases”, completed the senator.

The CPI entered a new phase of investigations last week, after Folha published the testimony of public servant Luís Ricardo Miranda to the Federal Public Ministry. Miranda pointed out pressure from superiors to release the import of the Indian vaccine Covaxin.

It is the most expensive immunization, at a cost of R$80 per dose. The contract still raises suspicion for being the only one with an intermediary, the Brazilian company Needs Medicines, for having been closed in record time and because an advance payment was required for a third company, headquartered in a tax haven.

In testimony at the CPI on Friday (25), the Miranda brothers confirmed that President Jair Bolsonaro was alerted and brought the name of Deputy Ricardo Barros to the center of suspicion.


Report points out unusual pressure (June 18)

In testimony kept confidential by the MPF (Federal Public Ministry) and obtained by the leaf, Luís Ricardo Fernandes Miranda, head of the Ministry of Health’s import division, claimed to have suffered unusual pressure to try to guarantee the import of the Indian vaccine Covaxin

‘It’s much more serious’ (June 22)

Brother of the Ministry of Health, federal deputy Luís Miranda (DEM-DF) told the leaf that the case is “much more serious” than the pressure to close the contract

Mention to Bolsonaro (June 23)

Luis Miranda claimed to have alerted the president to the signs of irregularity. “On March 20 I went in person, with the Health server who is my brother, and we took all the documentation to him”

CPI approves depositions (June 23)

The commission’s senators approved a request for an invitation for the public servant Luís Ricardo Miranda to testify. The hearing will be this Friday (25) and deputy Luis Miranda will also be heard.
The lawmakers also approved the summons requirement (a model in which the presence is mandatory) of Lieutenant Colonel Alex Lial Marinho, who would be one of the authors of the pressure on behalf of Covaxin. The CPI also decided to break the banking, tax, telephone and telematics confidentiality of Lial Marinho

Serious report (June 23)

President of the CPI, senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM) stated that the allegations of pressure and the possibility that President Jair Bolsonaro was aware of the situation is perhaps the most serious complaint received by the commission so far.

Bolsonaro sends PF to investigate server and deputy (June 23)

The president sent the Federal Police to investigate deputy Luis Miranda and his brother, Luis Ricardo Fernandes Miranda. The minister of the General Secretariat, Onyx Lorenzoni, and Elcio Franco, special advisor to the Civil House and former executive secretary of the Ministry of Health, were assigned to defend the president. Elcio is one of 14 investigated by the CPI

Company says price for Brazil follows table (23.jun)

Need Medicines, the representative in Brazil of the Indian laboratory Bharat Biotech, stated that the price of US$ 15 per dose of the vaccine offered to the government follows a world table and is the same as in other 13 countries

Government officials say Bolsonaro has passed on suspicions to Pazuello (June 24)

Government senators from the CPI said that the president asked Pazuello to verify the allegations involving the purchase of Covaxin as soon as he had contact with the evidence.

‘Accusation is a spare weapon’ (Jun 24)

Bolsonaro harassed members of the CPI, repeated that there is no suspicion of corruption in his government, and stated that the accusation of the vaccine is the weapon that is left to his opponents. “They accuse me of almost everything, even of buying a vaccine that did not arrive in Brazil. The accusation is the weapon that is left over,” said the president in the city of Pau de Ferros, in Rio Grande do Norte

‘It was Ricardo Barros who the president spoke’ (June 25)

In testimony to Covid’s CPI, Congressman Luis Miranda (DEM-DF), who is the brother of the Ministry of Health’s server Luis Ricardo Miranda, claimed to have alerted Bolsonaro. “You also know that it was Ricardo Barros who spoke the president,” said the congressman to senator Simone Tebet (MDB-MS). According to him, Bolsonaro said: “You know who he is, right? They know it’s awesome there. If I mess with it, you’ve seen the shit that’s going to happen, right? That’s so-and-so. You know it’s so-and-so”


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