Culture Park in Tambov will open on May 1

In the regional center, from May 1, the attractions of the city park of culture and recreation will start working. All rides have passed the safety check. There are 21 of them here. Checking the facilities, representatives of Gostekhnadzor assigned state registration numbers to the equipment. As the head of the Gostekhnadzor department for the Tambov region, Alexander Ofitserov, explained, the rides are classified as high-risk facilities and require vigilant control over their technical condition and safe operation, and according to the law, which has been in force for a year in the territory of the Russian Federation, the owners are required to register the rides locally their permanent or temporary operation.

It is important to note that all the attractions of the culture park also undergo a daily technical inspection. Before starting the equipment, specialists inspect fasteners, chains, safety equipment and mechanisms of all attractions. Already on the first day of May, the townspeople will come to the culture park to ride the rides and get a lot of positive emotions.


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