Daniel Silveira missed the shot – 20/02/2021 – Elio Gaspari

Daniel Silveira is a former PM from Rio. In six years with the corporation, he paid 26 days in prison, with 14 reprimands. Before joining the police, he used false medical certificates stolen by a janitor to miss work. Arrested last week, he kept two cell phones in the Federal Police room where he stayed, as decided by Minister Alexandre de Moraes.

This character who days before said “shitting and walking” for the opinions of ministers of the Supreme Federal Court thought of creating an institutional crisis in Brazil. He was the estuary of a vision born in 2018, when deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro said that “one corporal and one soldier is enough to close the Supreme Court”. They are not enough.

In his style, Daniel Silveira used the repercussion of the testimony of Reserve General Eduardo Villas Bôas to attack, on behalf of his personal agenda, Ministers Edson Fachin, Gilmar Mendes and Alexandre de Moraes. Investigations about anti-democratic mobilizations spreading lies are on Moraes’s table. Whatever Silveira’s intention was, it went wrong.

On Tuesday (16), when the deputy’s attacks came to the attention of Supreme Court ministers, several of them discussed the case with Moraes. At night he had him arrested. Silveira argues that the blatant cited by Moraes cannot be sustained. What is not supported is its jurisprudence. As long as a message is posted by the author, the offense is in progress. (After Silveira went to cane, the video was deleted.)

On the floor of the carriage, this week the doctor will be able to switch to an ankle bracelet, with precautionary limitations. From then on, everything will depend on your behavior.

Judging by his respectful conduct during the custody hearing on Thursday (18), what was agreed will stand. If Silveira has a relapse, going around “shitting and walking” wherever he wants, he will fall back into the jurisdiction of Alexandre de Moraes.

Nunes Marques

On Wednesday night (17) the Supreme Court ministers thought that the next day the court would support Alexandre de Moraes’ decision by 10 to 1.

Minister Nunes Marques would be defeated. Having done the accounts on the other side, it was understood that this result would be worse. And so unanimity was reached.


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