“Darmanin wants to be prime minister, and I think he will be,” says François Patriat (LREM)

The boss of Macronist senators, close to the Head of State, accompanied the Minister of the Interior during his visit to Bourgogne-Franche-Comté to support the candidate marchers for the regional ones. He predicts him a presidential destiny.

Will there be a reshuffle the day after the regional? Will Jean Castex end the five-year term at Matignon? With the approach of the poll on June 20 and 27, which promises to be high risk for the presidential majority, rumors are rife about the game of musical chairs that could intervene in the government this summer. To the point that some relatives of Emmanuel Macron no longer hesitate to publicly deliver their own forecasts.

On the sidelines of Gérald Darmanin’s trip to Bourgogne-Franche-Comté – the Minister of the Interior went to Dijon (Côte-d’Or) on Thursday to support the LREM candidate – François Patriat thus confided in Public Senate. The boss of Macronist deputies, who is one of the historic En Marche! and who is a close friend of the Head of State, said all the good things he thought of the tenant of Beauvau. And he imagined him a bright future within the executive.

Darmanin is now the age Macron was when he launched into the campaign

«Darmanin wants to be prime minister and I think he will be“Said this former socialist, who left the rose party more than four years ago. If he does not advance on any timetable for this possible promotion, the parliamentarian, however, goes further on the future destination of the defector of the Republicans. “I think he has the legitimate ambitions to be President of the Republic», He blurted out.

And for good reason, born October 11, 1982, the elected representative of Tourcoing (North) is 38 years old today. That is to say very exactly the age of Emmanuel Macron when he launched into the campaign in 2016. Passed by Bercy and Beauvau, the two ministries which most color political careers, the person concerned has always refused to run for office. anything for 2022. If not to be “always where we needFrom him, according to the formula.

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