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Upon having a bust inaugurated in his honor at the Parque do Peão de Barretos, in 2018, the first president of the Os Independentes association, Antonio Renato Prata, then 89 years old, said it was the greatest honor he had ever received for his work at the traditional Festa from Peão de Boiadeiro and who was very happy to live in the moment.

He was the author of the idea to create the association, founded in 1955 by 20 young people in Barretos, and was chosen as its first president for being “intelligent and brilliant, always generous and willing to give the best of his capacity and creativity”, as he tells in the book “Éramos Once Vinte” (2003) also the founder of the party Jamil Nicolau Mauad, now deceased.

To join the then club —later association—, the candidate had to be over 22 years old and be single and financially independent, hence the name.

After actively participating in the first editions of the festival in the 1950s and 1960s, Pratinha, as his friends called him, moved to Presidente Prudente, where he managed Prata Agropecuária and became a great breeder of zebu cattle and quarter horses.

“When he came to Barretos, and he always did, he never tired of repeating that when the party was created none of the founders would have imagined it would have the grandeur it has,” said former president of Os Independentes Mussa Calil Neto, responsible for leading the party do Peão from a cramped enclosure to the Parque do Peão, inaugurated in 1985 and designed by Oscar Niemeyer (1907-2012).

Pratinha led the association until July 1956, a month before the first party, held under the canvas of a circus. “He has always been a supporter of the youngest. When we went to build the park, he said that everything would work out and he was very encouraging.”

Pratinha died at dawn on Saturday (12), aged 92, in Presidente Prudente. Mussa said he was recovering from a crash and Covid-19.

The ABB (Brazilian Association of Brangus) and the ABQM (Brazilian Association of Quarter Horse Breeders) released statements in which they lament the death.

“He did a lot for Barretos, for Os Independentes and for the national agribusiness”, said Jeronimo Luiz Muzetti, current president of the association. Three of the 20 young people who founded Os Independentes are still alive: Paulo Pereira, Horácio Tavares de Azevedo and Orlando Araújo.

Pratinha leaves his wife, Carmelita, daughter Renata and 6 grandchildren. The body was cremated in Londrina (PR).

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