Deaths in the Amazon and persecution expose kidnapped Brazil – 06/23/2022 – Silvio Almeida

There is no doubt how crucial the October elections will be for Brazil’s destiny. The corrupt people who run this country today need to be swept from power, not just in the name of “democracy”, of “republicanism”, but in the name of life. The Bolsonaro government is an existential threat.

However, in light of the events of the last few weeks, I want to return to a topic already addressed by me and by other columnists: Bolsonarismo without Bolsonaro. In this sense, the next elections will only be the beginning of a reaction against what we call “bolsonarismo”, due to its incarnation in the figure of an individual who represents all the destructive potential of the extreme right, but who has long inhabited the history of Brazil. .

Bolsonarism is parasitic. Its existence depends on the permanent kidnapping of State institutions, which is done for the benefit of certain social groups. Militiamen, religious fundamentalists, financiers, prospectors, miners, landowners and supremacists exist thanks to the public budget and the systematic recourse to state violence apparatuses. But when the State intervenes on behalf of the poor or vulnerable groups, vampires cry out for “less State” and do not hesitate to denounce the evils of “welfare”. More State for them and less State for the poor.

In these last few weeks, we have had some strong indications that part of Brazilian society no longer cares about limits or the maintenance of legality and will be willing to do anything to stay in power.

The first is the murder of Bruno Pereira and Dom Phillips. The Brazilian government, which openly promotes a policy against indigenous people and quilombolas, ignored the threats that were already being made against all those who denounce the calamitous situation in the Amazon region. It is the State kidnapped by large estates and organized crime.

The persecution of opposition parliamentarians is another aspect of the capture of the State by the forces of Bolsonarism. I mention two recent cases. The first, that of Curitiba councilor Renato Freitas, who, during a protest called nationally by the black movement over the brutal murder of Congolese Moïse Kabagambe, was accused of breaking parliamentary decorum for “invading” the Nossa Senhora do Rosário dos Pretos church. In addition to the evidence collected during the investigation demonstrating that there was no invasion, the Archdiocese of Curitiba having taken a position against the cassation and the rapporteur himself having discarded this allegation, the process was strangely accelerated in order to harm the councilman’s defense. Renato had his mandate revoked by the Chamber of Curitiba, in a shameful decision. It is the State kidnapped by religious fundamentalism and racism.

The other case is that of federal deputy Glauber Braga, who, in the regular exercise of his mandate, when asking the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira, if he was not “ashamed” to take advantage of the just popular dissatisfaction caused by the rise of the price of fuel to propose the privatization of Petrobras, not only was he threatened with being forcibly withdrawn from the plenary (which would constitute abuse of authority), but also had a lawsuit filed against him in the Ethics Council that aims to withdraw his mandate. It is the State kidnapped by the interests of national and foreign companies.

And, finally, the case of the judge from Santa Catarina who subjected an 11-year-old girl, a victim of rape that resulted in pregnancy, to a type of institutional violence whose account is repugnant. Not content with not complying with the law that guarantees abortion in case of rape regardless of judicial authorization, magistrate Joana Ribeiro Zimmer removed the girl from her mother’s custody and sent her to a shelter, certainly with the purpose of preventing compliance with the law. It is the State kidnapped by religious fundamentalism and by a bureaucracy that doesn’t even respect the legality that is the raison d’être of its function.

These cases expose the worst that is in Brazil, and the October election is just a first step towards this country being taken out of captivity.

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