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On December 28, 2020, life presented Francisco Maranhão Piorski with a daughter, a son-in-law and two grandchildren. The date marks the day he gave his first hug to journalist Francilene Alves de Oliveira Piorski Nakagawa, 46, to Marcus Hyonai Nakagawa, 43, to João Hyonai, 13, and to Helena Junko, 10.

Fran, as Francilene is known, traveled with her family to São Luís, in Maranhão, to meet him. She grew up not knowing if her father was alive.

Fate turned to digital technology to unite father and daughter.

Fran discovered a sister through social media. Through her, he learned that Francisco’s family was already looking for him.

Francisco Maranhão Piorski was born in Codó, Maranhão, 290 km from São Luís, where he lived until just over 40 years of age. Then he moved to the capital.

The grandson of a Polish immigrant who came to Brazil to set up a fabric factory, Francisco had six brothers. According to Fran, he became a surveyor and with the work he helped them in their training. One of them, a doctor, took care of Fran as a child.

Fran is the result of a relationship between Francisco and Helena Alves de Oliveira, now deceased. As he was married, he could not assume it. Helena went on with her life and raised her daughter alone.

“Now the mission is complete. There are things in life that cannot be explained, right?! They’re for living…”, says Fran. It was intense. I was adapting to have my father, but I lost him”, he adds.

Even having lived far apart, the two were very similar, according to her daughter. Owner of a strong personality, Francisco was demanding, hardworking and very honest.

Fran, her husband and children were welcomed by the new family. The new meeting between all would take place in July of this year, but the Covid-19 pandemic made her postpone the trip, which happened to say goodbye, at the wake.

Francisco would be 81 years old on September 6th, but died on August 14th. He leaves his wife, three children and four grandchildren.

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