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Moises Tiburtino de Souza lived in Juru, in the upper interior of Paraíba. He fought for his life on dirt streets and lived under the roofs of houses with cement floors.

“Due to the lack of wheat, there was no way to make bread; it was difficult to cook as there was no kerosene for the stove and no protein available. To quench his hunger, Moises ate fruit from farms close to the city,” says journalist Roberto Souza, 65, his son.

At the age of 20, Moises tried his luck in Recife doing odd jobs. He discovered a migrant truck bound for Piracicaba (160 km from SP), where an uncle lived, and left in search of new opportunities. There he was a gardener and built a career as a metalworker.

Moises never had vices and didn’t even like parties and late nights. I didn’t waste good food, especially pig’s head. Reserved, its simplicity won everyone’s respect.

He married weaver Ignez Amaral de Souza, now 88 years old. With an eye on the future, he gathered money, bought land and built a small house in Vila Rezende.

With seriousness in work and time, the home grew in size and became the setting for the rigorous upbringing of four children. He passed on to them his principles of honesty.

Moses dedicated his life to family and work. He told his children that luck only helps those who work.
At 94 years old and very lucid, he said jokingly that he had overtime.

Moises Tiburtino de Souza died on June 9 from complications of a urinary infection and a stroke. He leaves his wife, four children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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