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Honesty, benevolence and the art of captivating people were some of the examples left by housewife Laurinda de Oliveira Ankosqui to her children, Maria do Carmo and Marco Antonio.

Born in Itajobi (393 km from SP), Laurinda lost her parents early. To help his family, when he finished primary school, he left school for a job in a textile factory.

While still young, he moved to Alto da Lapa, in the west side of São Paulo. As soon as she married Orlando Ankosqui (dead 28 years ago) she took up residence in Tatuapé, on the east side, and never left.

Laurinda and Orlando met at a ball. The fact that he was an excellent dancer contributed to the achievement.

Despite the love, the family life was not light like the dance Orlando liked so much, but very dignified. The couple struggled to raise their children — a photographer and an accountant. To help around the house, Laurinda worked as a cook, child carer and ironmonger.

Laurinda presented herself as a mixture of rhythms: charming, affectionate and adept at respect, even when there were contradictory ideas and opinions; on the other hand, she was methodical, pragmatic and controlling.

“My mother respected diversity and different religions and preached good even when it came to politics,” says photographer Marco Antonio Ankosqui, 51, her son.

Laurinda has become a link in the neighborhood and family. She talked a lot with her neighbors and, when necessary, used her talent as a conflict conciliator. A well-known figure in the neighborhood, she was a fervent Catholic and went to Mass at the Paróquia Santo Antônio de Lisboa, close to her house.

When she lost her husband, she shared her life with her sister-in-law Neusa. Laurinda was the one who kept most in contact with the family of Itajobi and Rio de Janeiro, in addition to family members in Orlando.

For more than ten years, Laurinda had been undergoing treatment to avoid the complications of chronic heart failure. He left on May 22, at the age of 88. Widowed, she leaves two children and two grandchildren. A great grandson is on the way.

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