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Art for life. The sentence summarizes the story of Daniel Neves, surrounded by uncertainties and obstacles.

At eight months, he was diagnosed with polycystic kidneys, liver fibrosis and chronic pancytopenia. The delicate situation led him to a marathon of hospitalizations and the queue for kidney transplantation.

In one of the hospitalizations, Daniel, who had always liked drawing and painting, let the gift come out. His mother, Cleidimar Vieira Neves Fagundes, 48, says the works were successful.

“At the hospital, people started to buy the paintings and thus the incentive to sell the pieces arose with the objective of paying for the treatment until the transplant surgery”, says Cleidimar.

In December 2017, Daniel held an exhibition in Salvador. The transplant ended up not being performed, but art became part of Daniel’s life.

Coronavirus infection and worsening health conditions were inevitable. Daniel’s last painting, two hours before he was intubated because of Covid-19, was that of a bird.

“He had a preference for animals and saints. He created Our Lady of the Kidneys to give wisdom to doctors and protect him ”, says the mother.

“In the drawings, Daniel expressed feelings. He missed the countryside. As soon as his passion for art began, Daniel dreamed of healing and the possibility of returning to his native land, in Guanambi ”, says Cleidimar.

Covid-19 interrupted the artist’s dreams. Daniel died on May 18, at the age of 13, after a hospital stay.

With unshakable faith, the young man did not give space to prejudice. He had moments of joy and he never felt inferior because of his condition.

“He was a blessing, he taught me a lot. It left many learnings for the family. ” Daniel leaves his parents, Danilo and Cleidimar, and sister Daniela.

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