Decision not to punish Pazuello tarnishes the Army’s image and is a bad sign, according to parliamentarians – 06/03/2021 – Power

The Army’s decision not to punish General Eduardo Pazuello, former Minister of Health, for having participated in an act with President Jair Bolsonaro in Rio de Janeiro was evaluated by lawmakers as a stain on the institution’s image and also as a bad sign. for the society.

The announcement was made this Thursday (3) by the Army command. In a statement, the institution’s social communication center informed that “the army commander analyzed and accepted the arguments presented in writing and supported orally by the aforementioned general officer”.

“Thus, the practice of disciplinary transgression on the part of General Pazuello was not characterized. As a result, the administrative procedure that had been instituted was filed away,” the statement says.

In the evaluation of federal deputy Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), former president of the Chamber, “they are destroying the image of the Army”. “The top of the Army demonstrated a great weakness in the position of representative of the Brazilian State”, he said.

In a social network, Maia defended the discussion of the PEC (proposed amendment to the Constitution) of Deputy Perpétua Almeida (PCdoB-AC) which prohibits active military personnel from occupying civil positions in the public administration in the Union, states and municipalities .

The text indicates that, in order to hold positions of a civilian nature, the military with less than ten years of service must withdraw from the activity. Those over ten years old must move to the reserve.

Deputy Perpétua stated that she will intensify efforts with parliamentarians to get support for the PEC.

“I think it is very bad that the Army is transmitting to society an opinion that there is no separation between the Armed Forces and the government. This signaling is bad”, he said. “One of the most respected generals to date, the [Eduardo] Villas Bôas, used to say that when politics enters through one door of the barracks, discipline and hierarchy leave through the others.”

Vice President of the Chamber, Deputy Marcelo Ramos (PL-AM) criticized the ad. “The Army did not decide to file the accusation against Pazuello. The Army decided that now the military can participate in political demonstrations as it sees fit. This will not be good for an institution that has the respect of the Brazilian people,” he said.

Deputy Kim Kataguiri (DEM-SP) also regretted the Army’s decision. “Allowing the general to participate in a political act is chavista’s thing [em referência ao ex-presidente da Venezuela Hugo Chávez]”, said.

“The Brazilian Army is undergoing one of the greatest humiliations in the history of this honorable institution. The Army Commander has a duty to answer for this omission,” he added.

Kataguiri is the author of the summons requirements of Minister Walter Braga Netto (Defense) and the Army Commander, General Paulo Sérgio, to provide clarifications to the Financial Inspection and Control Commission on Pazuello’s participation in the acts alongside Bolsonaro.

According to the deputy, the president of the collegiate, deputy Aureo Ribeiro (Solidariedade-RJ), stated that he would guide the application next week.

Deputy Fernanda Melchionna (PSOL-RS) considered it serious that the “Army summit ignores its own regulations”.

“By deciding not to punish Pazuello, it makes room for strengthening the incidence of the far right within the Armed Forces. Pazuello, responsible for a criminal management of the pandemic, instead of being held responsible, gains a position in the Executive to guarantee his privileged forum and consent for being on the far right stand​.”

For deputy Ivan Valente (PSOL-SP), the decision was an attack on democracy. “The Army Command bows to the fascist Bolsonaro and will not punish Pazuello, even if he does not respect the Army regulations”, he wrote on a social network.

“Military anarchy and power guarding the corner are installed. Impeachment already and people on the street against coup plotters. Shame mrs. generals!”

Pazuello was appointed on Tuesday (1) to a position in the Secretariat for Strategic Affairs, linked to the Presidency of the Republic. He will be secretary of Strategic Studies at the organ, according to an extra edition of the Diário Oficial da União.

Pazuello’s appointment act was signed by the minister of the Civil House, Luiz Eduardo Ramos.

The former Minister of Health is also one of the main targets of Covid’s CPI, for having commanded the ministry during the worsening of the pandemic in the country. He testified to the collegiate, when he shielded President Jair Bolsonaro, and was recalled.

On May 23, he participated in a political event in Rio de Janeiro alongside Bolsonaro. As an active soldier, the general’s presence at the demonstration caused embarrassment in the command of the Force, and Pazuello had to present explanations in a disciplinary process.


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