Defender Leandro Castán confirms salary reduction at Vasco

O Basque is partying after ending his five-year fast without beating Flamengo, his biggest rival. With the score of 3 to 1, Cruzmaltino ended the uncomfortable writing, this Thursday night, at Maracanã.

Team captain, defender Leandro Castán, was scheduled for a press conference after the match. He took advantage of the moment to vent about the situations experienced in recent months, from the demotion to salary negotiations to stay at the club.

“It is the beginning of a very personal top-up for me. Last year, it was one of the worst moments of my career. The top-up will be when I put Vasco in the football elite,” said Castán, at Vasco since 2018.

“When the season was over, I told the Bird: ‘I need to go home because I can’t take it anymore’. Situations came that I didn’t like, but I told the Bird that if he was counting on us to negotiate. , wardrobe and Biro, they all said: ‘You can’t leave’. I am a professional, I need the money to work, but that was never the purpose when I came here. The salary is very important because it is the result of my work, but what counts is the gratitude for the club. I know that I owe too. The club fell, and I know it was my responsibility too “, he acknowledged.

With one of the highest salaries in the squad, Castán would have to adjust his wages to the new financial reality of the club. With the demotion to series B, it is estimated a loss of revenue in 2021 between 60 and 100 million reais.

“We talked, we already had a reduction in salary. It’s life that goes on. I never stayed at Vasco because of money. My question with Vasco is gratitude. I became a former player, and Vasco opened the doors for me. world knows what happened in my career “, he concluded.

At 34, Leandro Castán has spent time in clubs in Europe, in addition to Atlético Mineiro, where he became professional, and Corinthians. His career almost came to an end after being diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2014 and spending a year away from the lawns.

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