Defense and Armed Forces present crime news against Ciro Gomes – 06/23/2022 – Poder

The Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces present to the PGR (Attorney General’s Office) a crime report against the PDT’s pre-candidate for the presidency, Ciro Gomes.

In a joint note, in which they announced the measure, the institutions criticized what they called “irresponsible statements”.

Last Tuesday (21), in an interview with CBN radio, Ciro said that the Armed Forces are conniving with the crimes that occurred in the Amazon region. According to the politician, drug trafficking is clearly protected by Brazilian authorities.

“Bolsonaro destroyed the very few command and control bases: he dismantled ICMBio, dismantled Funai, dismantled Ibama, destroyed the operational capacity of the Armed Forces, which have no effect, funds, technology to manage the immense stretch of dry border”, spoke in an interview with CBN radio.

“And that ended up transforming the territory into this holding of crime, clearly protected by Brazilian authorities, including the Armed Forces”, said Ciro Gomes. .

The statements, according to the ministry, “seriously affect the reputation and dignity” of the institutions. The two institutions stated that they are “very proud” of working for the defense and protection of the region and in the “fighting of environmental and cross-border crimes”.

“It is not admissible, in a democratic state, for unfounded accusations of crime to be made, without the necessary identification of the author by the accuser and without the due presentation of evidence, even more when directed to perennial institutions of the Brazilian State”, says the note.

The investigation request sent to the PGR mentions the alleged crimes of “publicly inciting animosity between the Armed Forces, or against constitutional powers, civil institutions or society” and “propagating facts, which you know are untrue, capable of offending the dignity or undermining the Armed Forces’ credit or public trust”.

UOL contacted Ciro Gomes through its press office to comment on the case. As soon as there is a response, this note will be updated.

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