“Delta” .. a mutated strain of corona is 40% faster

A British minister revealed new information about the mutated “Delta” strain of the Corona virus, which raises concern, especially in India and Britain, which have suffered greatly from the repercussions of the epidemic and its mutations.

And British Health Minister Matt Hancock said, today, Sunday, that the delta mutant of the Corona virus, which threatens to lift the remaining restrictions in the United Kingdom, is transmitted 40% faster than the alpha mutant that was prevalent in the country.

He told the BBC, citing research by a scientific group that advises the government, that the best estimate of the scaling advantage, as we call it, is about 40%.

The British minister also revealed that despite the increase in the number of new infections with Covid-19 in recent days, to range between 5 thousand and 6 thousand cases per day, the number of patients in hospitals is still stable, stressing that the majority of hospitalization cases are related to people who have not been vaccinated.

It is noteworthy that Britain is the most affected country in Europe, with nearly 128,000 deaths, and has vaccinated 40 million residents with at least one dose of the vaccine, while more than 27 million people received a second dose.

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