Delta variant map: Cases rise as June 21 on the line – where is the delta strain? | UK | News

Castle Point and Tunbridge and Malling can also attribute 100 percent of their cases to Delta, alongside Dover which just three weeks ago had zero.

Coming into London, confirmed cases of the strain continue to spike in a number of area including Richmond-upon-Thames where cases are at 100 percent, and Kingston-upon-Thames is at 96.2 percent.

Hounslow’s cases remain high, with 87.5 percent while Harrow’s rate stands at 87.1 percent and Wandsworth at 80 percent.

Looking to the south west where cases were at zero just three weeks ago, Cornwall is attributing half of its cases to Delta.

Tunbridge and Exeter have also shown a rise from zero, with 33.3 and 50 percent, respectively.

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