DEM is not discussing impeachment and Bolsonaro’s declaration to the nation brought comfort, says ACM Neto – 11/09/2021 – Panel

ACM Neto, president of the DEM, tells the Panel that the party is not internally discussing Jair Bolsonaro’s impeachment. The theme entered the agenda of acronyms such as PSD, PSDB and Solidarity after the coupist declarations made by the president in the acts of September 7th.

“The party understands that at this moment there are other agendas that are priorities for the internal debate of the party and of the country itself”, says the former mayor of Salvador (2013-2020).

The DEM bench in the Chamber currently has 28 deputies, and two party members, Onyx Lorenzoni (Work and Social Security) and Tereza Cristina (Agriculture), are ministers.

ACM Neto claims that Bolsonaro went beyond all reasonable limits in his speeches on Tuesday (7) to his supporters, but argues that it is equally important to recognize that his “Declaration to the Nation” of Thursday (9) brought “a sense of comfort and safety” if what is in it is real and sincere.

Regarding the degree of reliability of the supposedly appeasing intentions contained in the note prepared with the help of Michel Temer (MDB), he says that he does not know how to evaluate, but that he hopes that they will materialize.

“The only person who can say what will happen is the president himself. The expectation of any Brazilian who reflects with common sense is that the letter will be an expression of a firm posture from now on,” he says. “It is obvious that it will be up to the president, with his actions and words, to confirm or not what was written in the letter”, he completes.

The mobilization of the parties to discuss Bolsonaro’s impeachment was fueled by the anti-democratic threats made by the president several times in the last month, but especially in the 7 September demonstrations. ACM Neto claims not to believe in the possibility of institutional rupture.

“Honestly, I think our democracy has gone through several tests in the last few years, from 2014 to now mainly, with impeachment of a president [Dilma Rousseff, PT-RS], the turmoil experienced with the Lava Jato, the episodes during the Temer government and the election of Bolsonaro,” he begins.

“We have already gone through many turbulences and the institutions are still standing firm, fulfilling their role. It doesn’t mean that they don’t make mistakes, in my opinion they all have mistakes and successes. I don’t believe in an institutional rupture. sense and respect for the Constitution prevail”, completes the leader.

When asked if he also sees errors on the part of the Supreme Court in the current crisis of national democracy, he replies that “all the Powers are wrong”.

This does not mean, he emphasizes, that Bolsonaro has the right to act like last week’s street demonstrations.

“I’m not going to make a qualifying judgment. But I think all the Powers are wrong. Which is not to say and does not justify calling into question the respect for judicial decisions and the independence of the Judiciary Power in the country”, concludes ACM Neto, who should be candidate for the government of Bahia in 2022


Antônio Carlos Magalhães Neto, 42

Mayor of Salvador between 2013 and 2020, he is president of DEM. Grandson of former governor and former senator Antônio Carlos Magalhães, he was federal deputy for three terms (2003-2012)

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