Demands to return French children from Syrian camps to their country

In France, there are calls for the return of the families of the fighters of terrorist organizations in Syria to their countries, especially children, for humanitarian and security motives. In this regard, a number of child care specialists called on the French government to work to return the French children and their mothers detained in Syria, according to “Russia Today”. “.

These voices emerged recently in a forum organized by the International Federation for Human Rights at the Rhône-Point theater in Paris, and it focuses on about 200 to 300 French children detained in camps in northern Syria.

During the forum, child psychiatrist Serge Heves said he did not understand “how a country like France would allow this situation to continue” when “we know how to treat these problems.

While the psychologist at Avisin Hospital in Bobigny, Leila Firo, said that “there is an urgent need to take care and treat them all,” and the doctor who has treated about 100 children who returned in recent years from the Iraqi-Syrian region added that the daily arrests “exacerbate matters for children and adults.”

“They are imprisoned children who do not have books, do not go to school, and have no means of entertainment,” said one of those who have grandchildren who are detained in Roj camp in northern Syria. To contract “diseases” or to feel that “war is imminent.”

For years, the relatives of the detainees have been demanding the French government to return the adults and children to be tried in their countries, but Paris refuses to allow the children to return and studies “each case separately.” So far, 35 children, most of them orphans, have been repatriated.

In Europe, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands have all repatriated people, and Denmark and Belgium have announced that they are preparing.

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