Denmark is ready to allocate $ 82 million to strengthen the Cybersecurity Center

The Danish government is allocating 500 million kronor (about $ 82 million) to strengthen the Cybersecurity Center. This was reported in a press release from the country’s Defense Ministry on Wednesday.

According to military experts, several cyber attacks on Denmark carried out in recent years have been advanced and sophisticated, so the country’s cyber defense should be strengthened.

“Cyber ​​attacks are not something that will happen in the future. They are here and they have an impact on Denmark, Danish authorities and companies. Although we have good cyber defenses today, we must prepare for the challenges of the future. This requires more and better tools. last but not least, it requires a high level of competence throughout Denmark, “Defense Minister Trine Brahmsen said in the message.

The government, among other things, intends to invest in a permanent recruitment of skilled workers, better data management and stronger security measures.


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