Dentists: Long-term wearing of masks is dangerous for dental health

American and Canadian dentists have expressed the opinion that regular long-term wearing of masks provokes a deterioration in the health of the oral cavity.

According to experts from the United States, masked people often breathe through their mouths, this negatively affects the bacterial flora of the oral mucosa and the process of salivation. As a result, a person may develop gum disease and caries, writes Medikforum.

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Canadian dentists share the concerns of their American colleagues. They believe that the constant wearing of masks leads to bleeding gums and an increase in pathogens in the mouth. In a person wearing a mask, bacteria cannot freely go outside with breathing, and most of the microorganisms enter back into the mouth.

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To protect your mouth, experts recommend drinking water, brushing and rinsing your teeth, and chewing sugar-free gum throughout the day.


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