Deputies critical of Bolsonaro produce a series of videos on the impact of the dollar on the cost of living – 10/13/2021 – Panel

Members of the Chamber of Deputies critical of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) are preparing a series of videos to be distributed on social networks showing the impact of the dollar on the cost of living.

The first of them has already been shared on Wednesday (13) by deputies and senators against the president, and talks about the relationship of the American currency with the price of gasoline. Along with the video, lawmakers try to upload the hashtag #bolsocaro.

“Bolsonaro is saying that the guilt [do preço] it’s the governors, who don’t charge the ICMS, a state tax,” says the narrator of the video. Nothing.”

At least two more videos, about how the rise of the dollar affects the price of medicine and food, should be released in the coming days. The material has been produced by the leadership of the minority in the Chamber, which organizes the actions of the opposition parties to the government, consisting of PT, PSB, PDT, PSOL, PC do B and Rede.

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