Deputy Defense Minister checked the construction of a voyengorodok in the Omsk Cadet Corps

In Omsk, the construction of a military camp for a cadet corps is nearing completion. This means that its pupils on September 1, most likely, will start the school year in new classrooms. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation plans to complete installation work at this facility by August 8, when the country will celebrate the Builder’s Day.

On Thursday, July 22, Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov, as part of a working trip to the Central Military District, inspected the complex being built in Omsk.

It should be reminded that construction began in December last year. The work unfolded on an area of ​​almost 15 hectares. It is planned that by September 1, an educational building with a museum, a library, an interactive shooting gallery, workshops and classes of additional education will be commissioned. And also – a dining room, two dormitory buildings, a first-aid post, an indoor sports complex with halls for gymnastics, martial arts, as well as playing sports.

The total area of ​​buildings under construction exceeds 58 thousand square meters. Improvement works are underway on the territory of over 125 thousand square meters.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation emphasizes that the cadet corps in Omsk will be the first pre-university departmental institution, built in one stage and in less than one year. The division of construction and commissioning of objects into two stages is not provided there.

With the introduction of this complex, the system of accommodation for cadets will change. The pupils will be accommodated in section-type cubicles with two living rooms, a dressing room and separate shower and toilet rooms.

Here’s what else is known about the Omsk cadet. Education there provides for in-depth study of all subjects and additional classes in other disciplines, including the military. Special audiences for physics, chemistry, biology will be equipped with the latest instruments for scientific experiments. Linguaphone systems of interactive communication are used to master foreign languages. In the robotics room, it will be possible to solve various design problems. The school should also have its own workshops for aircraft-ship modeling, a class for teaching driving a car, a hall for dancing and singing lessons, a chess club, photo and video studios.

The Russian Defense Ministry noted that all pre-university institutions of the department, including the Omsk Cadet School, have already completed the recruitment of applicants. In total, more than 2.3 thousand pupils will be enrolled there this year.

In recent years, there has been a steady trend towards an increase in the popularity and demand for such education. In 2021, the average competition for boys was five people per seat, while for girls it reached 14 people per seat.


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