Deputy Prime Minister Abramchenko assessed the possibility of banning diapers

The government is preparing a ban on the use of a number of disposable goods that cannot be recycled. There will be no diapers on this list because there is nothing to replace them with. Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Abramchenko spoke about this.

“We will not switch to gauze diapers again or to some kind of flannel diapers for our children,” RIA Novosti quotes the Deputy Prime Minister. of the year”.

Earlier, Viktoia Abramchenko announced the preparation of amendments to the legislation that prohibit the use of non-recyclable and hard-to-recover materials, such as colored plastic, plastic tubes, cotton swabs and disposable plastic dishes. It is also planned to involve in circulation up to half of the secondary raw materials from waste in construction, agriculture and industry. By 2030, according to Abramchenko, the volume of waste burials should be halved.


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