Designer Simachev moved Khokhloma to the masses

He decided to “ride” with his provocative method on the folk carousels

A humpbacked horse, geese-swans, a sparkling carriage pulled by three snow-white horses, as well as magical deer and many other fairy-tale characters – only 44 figures move in a circle to the music. This is how the Fairy Tale carousel looks like, which was designed and designed by the famous Russian designer Denis Simachev. Little residents and guests of Moscow region parks will be able to ride on it completely free of charge.

The attraction looks like a painted music box: a lot of gold was used in the decoration, a professional audio system and illumination were installed. The author of the design is our compatriot, fashion designer and artist Denis Simachev.

In general, Simachev is known in the fashion world as a provocateur and esthete. He loves experiments and willingly takes on everything new: he was a restaurateur, DJ and TV presenter. And lately he got carried away with designing an urban environment. Felt the scale! One of these objects, a children’s carousel, was made specifically for the parks near Moscow.

The complexity of the task of urban environment design lies in the need to combine urban design objects with comfort and convenience and to form a favorable impression not only from a separate architectural project, but also from the city as a whole.

According to the authors of the project, the carousel in Russia has long been considered an adornment of any fair, and it is also a symbol of family recreation. Denis Simachev is a big fan of Khokhloma and other national motives. The artist also used the Russian style in this project to give the children’s attraction a unique festive look. Figures of colorful horses, fabulous carts and magical animals move slowly to pleasant music – kids and parents are delighted. The carousel can accommodate 44 people.

Two attractions have already opened: in the Central Park of the Bogorodsky District and in the Krivyakino park in Voskresensk. The Fairy Tale will appear in the Zaitsev Public Garden in Kolomna, in the Skitskiye Prudy Park in Sergiev Posad.

The area around the new merry-go-rounds is also being transformed – it will be improved, lanterns, benches, trash cans and fences will be installed nearby.

Published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” No. 28556 dated June 10, 2021

Newspaper headline:
Superdesigner Simachev moved Khokhloma to the masses


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