Despite the tie, debuts by Diniz and Nenê have good statistics

Fernando Diniz made his debut under the command of Basque, this Thursday night, out of the house, against CRB, for the 24th round of the B series. Cruzmaltinos came out ahead of the scoreboard with Cano, still in the first half, however, they took the tie, at 46 of the final stage.

Despite not having won the victory, Diniz’s first match ahead of the Rio team had good numbers. According to data from Footstats, Vasco had 52% of ball possession, made 14 submissions and hit the target in six opportunities, and his opponent kicked nine and met Vanderlei’s goal three times. The visitors completed six dribbles, the home owners only two.

The Cruzmaltinos also had advantage in the disarms – in total there were 21, while the team from Alagoas had 12.

Another novelty in the carioca team was the debut of Nenê. The player started between the starters and was substituted in the second half. O Footstats points out that the midfielder was the most hunted athlete on the field, suffering four fouls, and the one who stole the most balls, with three tackles. Nenê was also the main dribbler on the field, with two certain dribbles. The player submitted twice and hit the opposing goal in one opportunity.

Distant from Series A

With the stumble, Vasco was unable to approach the G-4 of Segundona. Cruzmaltinos are eight points away from CRB, the first team within the access zone to the first division. In the next round, Vasco will face the cruise, in São Januário, this Sunday.

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