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The selection below has series only – movies will come in a new list later on. And the research was faced with the sad fact that rarely a detective can juggle his job with a healthy family life.

It’s almost inevitable: either the poor detectives were abandoned or they are, or they are divorced or widowed, or they drink or… they drink.

Detective life is not easy, except in Prime Video’s new “A Private Matter”, in which the detective not only lives with her family but is also rich. See below.

A Private Matter (new)

With a touch of super production, the Spanish action series with a hint of humor is set in the 1940s and has as its protagonist Marina Quiroga (Aura Garrido), an upper-class young woman who is the daughter of the late chief of police and has the soul of a detective. She meddles in the investigation of a woman’s death and soon discovers that others have been killed with the same modus operandi. In the investigation, Marina has the help of the helpful driver/butler Héctor, a fun role played by Frenchman Jean Reno, who pronounces the words in Spanish very slowly.
Available on Prime Video (1 season, 8 episodes)


Writer Michael Connelly (the same as “The Power and the Law”) also signs as an executive producer on this series based on his character, who has appeared in several books. War veteran Detective Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) works for the LAPD. Half disillusioned with life, full of answers and somewhat irritated, he investigates the death of a teenager while facing trial for the murder of an alleged serial killer. Other crimes and corruption cases will come over the course of seven seasons (the seventh is a little shorter, with 8 episodes). Fun guaranteed for a long time.
Available on Prime Video (7 seasons, 68 episodes)

Bonus Tip: Bosch – The Legacy

Always in the role of actor Titus Welliver, Harry Bosch left the LAPD, but continues to work as a private detective, especially in the cases of his lawyer friend. At the same time, his daughter starts working in the police and soon realizes the bureaucracy and flaws of the system.
Available on Prime Video (1 season, 10 episodes)

C.B. Strike

Series inspired by the books written by JK Rowling (from “Harry Potter”) under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. The episodes follow some cases in London investigated by detective Cormoran Strike (Tom Burke), who uses a mechanical leg since he was hit by a bomb while in the British Army. Grumpy, drinker, penniless and an Arsenal fan, he can only rely on the ever-efficient Robin Ellacott (Holliday Grainger) for help. The first two seasons are together as one on HBO. By the number of episodes, there’s no mistake: there have been 11, and another 4 are ready, inspired by the book “Sangue Revolto”, still no date to arrive here.
Available on HBO Max (2 seasons, 11 episodes)


A pizza delivery man is sent to an address and shot to death shortly after delivery. Even with the face of a common crime, detective Kip Glaspie (the great Carey Mulligan) suspects that she has something rotten in south London. Soon, the case takes on the contours of a conspiracy, with the involvement of politicians and MI5, the British FBI. Good miniseries to marathon on a rainy night (it’s only four episodes, or just under 4 hours in total).
Available on Netflix (1 season, 4 episodes)

the thaw

In the plot of this 2022 series, the end of winter reveals the body of a woman on the bank of the river. Then, it is discovered that she gave birth shortly before death, but the baby is missing. The person responsible for the case is a detective who needs to take care of her daughter and has personal problems. It bears similarities to the Norse “Deadwind”, but this one is Polish.
Available on HBO Max (1 season, 6 episodes)

In Heaven’s Name

In this recently premiered series, a very religious Mormon detective (Andrew Garfield) begins investigating the tragic murder of a young woman and her 15-month-old daughter in a community in the US state of Utah. Crime involves faith, and the detective uses his own beliefs to extract more effective confessions. The victim’s story (Englishwoman Daisy Edgar-Jones) is recapped in flashback. All episodes are over an hour long, and the last one, at 89 minutes, is a feature film. Read the review of Luciana Coelho.

Available on Star+ (1 season, 7 episodes)

Mare of Easttown

In a small, cold Pennsylvania town, investigator Mary (Kate Winslet) is faced with the murder of a teenage mother. Some believe that the case may be related to the disappearance of another young woman that occurred years ago and still remains unsolved. One of the best series or miniseries of 2021, it won four Emmy awards, including actress (Kate Winslet) and supporting actors Julianne Nicholson and Evan Peters — it lost the main one to “The Queen’s Gambit”. Read the review of Luciana Coelho.

Available on HBO Max (1 season, 7 episodes)


Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) is an excellent detective, but full of tics and quirks. His OCD and phobias got worse after his wife’s death — in an outburst he couldn’t unravel — to the point where he didn’t leave the house for three years. However, the chief of police hires Monk as a consultant to solve cases with observation skills that only he has. The fun series that spent a long time on closed TV and Record is complete on streaming. Read the series review at Sheet.

Available on Globoplay and Prime Video (8 seasons, 125 episodes)

True Detective

The plot mixes the present and the past, separated by 17 years, to show the investigation of two detectives who hunt a serial killer in the Louisiana countryside. The excellent first season had Matthew McConaughey (in his best role in his career) and Woody Harrelson as the leads. After awards and cult status, the series won a second season with new plot and protagonists (Rachel McAdams, Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell), which is not bad, but you can’t compare with the first. The third year regains the charm of the series, this time with the great Mahershala Ali in the lead role.

Available on HBO Max (3 seasons, 24 episodes)


Based on the character from Henning Mankell’s books, it brings seasoned detective Kurt Wallander (Kenneth Branagh) through a personal crisis as he investigates grisly crimes in the beautiful setting of coastal Sweden. Yes, Sweden looks like a lawless land. The beauty of the series, produced by the BBC, is that each episode is like an hour and a half movie with a beginning, middle and end. Only the protagonist’s personal relationships evolve, crimes are brand new. That’s why there are also few episodes, three per season. There is a series of the same name, Swedish, with 32 episodes. But legend has it that even Swedes prefer production with Branagh. And the first two seasons still have Tom Hiddleston in the cast.

Available on Looke (4 seasons, 12 episodes)

Bonus Tip: Young Wallander

The savvy Netflix has already produced two seasons showing the beginning of Wallander’s career in the police, until he became a detective, with Swedish actor Adam Pålsson in the lead role. The first episode involves a racial hate crime that sparks protests against immigrants in the city.

Available on Netflix (2 seasons, 12 episodes)


In a remote region of also remote Iceland, a body appears mutilated by the river. To make matters worse, a blizzard hits the region and interrupts access by air or by road, cutting off the possibility of outside help for Detective Andri Olafsson (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson). After two seasons, the series gained a new wave of episodes, called “Entrapped”.

Available on Netflix (2 season + 1 season of “Entrapped”, 26 episodes)

What’s new

Good night mom

Two pre-teen twins go to visit their reclusive mother (Naomi Watts), who is strangely covered in bandages, the result of an alleged plastic intervention. Gradually, they begin to suspect that the woman is not the real mother and try to collect evidence to support the suspicion. A remake of a 2014 eponymous Austrian title, it falls well short of the psychological horror of the original, but that’s what we have. Read the movie review at Sheet.

Available on Prime Video (92 min.)

A Mysterious Man

In theaters with the romantic comedy “A Ticket to Paradise”, George Clooney arrives at Netflix with this 2010 film, which has just entered the streaming channel’s catalog. With few dialogues and a European film feel, this good cop portrays Clooney as a hitman who takes refuge in a small Italian town after a job ends badly. While trying to find out who wants to kill him, he is hired for a new mission.

Available on Netflix (105 min.)

Zombieland: Double Tap

There is humor in the wonderful world of zombies. This 2019 film repeats the cast of the fun feature made ten years earlier, with Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone (post-Oscar for “La La Land”) and Abigail Breslin, who has already become a young woman and leaves the group. when you meet a boy your age. As the trio tries to find her, they come across faster and smarter zombies, because even zombies evolve.

Available on Netflix (99 min.)

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