Deutsche Bahn: German rail operator agrees pay deal with union to end strikes

The German rail operator Deutsche Bahn has reached a deal with a train driver”s union to end a series of recent strikes.

The GDL union said the company had agreed on a “good compromise” and a pay rise for drivers.

The union said that it had secured assurances over pensions, a raise of about 3.3% over 32 months, and plus two “COVID-19 bonus” payments of €800 to €1,000.

Three widespread strikes on Germany’s railway network had caused severe disruption and travel chaos across the country.

The most recent strike in early September lasted a week and affected many travellers returning from summer vacation.

But a deal was struck on Thursday, with support from two German state governors.

“We have negotiated a good compromise [that] corresponds to what the railway workers deserve,” said GDL union leader Claus Weselsky.


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