‘Dictatorial’ Gladys, Chris Minns is ‘coming after you’: Alan Jones

Sky News host Alan Jones says the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian might be “immensely popular”, but behind the scenes she can be “very dictatorial”.

“This dictatorial streak was there with forced council amalgamations, banning the greyhound industry; and in one week, first the universities and now the cemeteries,”Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones said the NSW premier would not “get away with this nonsense” now that Chris Minns is opposition leader.

“If you think in politics you can behave like a dictator and walk over the greyhound industry or local councils or the university sector and now the churches, you may as well go across to Chris Minns, shake hands with him and say, I am handing you the keys to government.

“I have no doubt he is coming after Gladys on some of these issues.

“Chris Minns I can tell you is no Michael Daley.”


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